Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin (Finding Gold Author) Travel Research.

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin (Finding Gold Author) Travel Research.

Transverse- On my Trip around the world.

Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin.

The earth stuns in a blue apparel
Its shimmering yellows built
a green city in the sun
You can see its spectacle
In the lithe elegance of the gazelle
I am on a journey to chronicle the events of time
To hold the hand of the clock so it can tick me into space
To tell these stories. So when my children see my writing
in the world’s pupil
They would say: Yes, he lives. Yes, He was here.
Ugochukwu Nsofor.

Life starts From Asaba,Delta state to Asia, to the streets of Helsinki, Finland. New York, United State Of America to Singapore, to Dubai and so did my search begin. There is a common fabric of humanity that can connect and redefine how we live. The World is on the verge of tearing itself apart. People are angry. People have become more sensitive, less tolerating, and building walls to lock everyone out, but forgetting they are locking themselves in. I remember the days when things were a bit better.
I have traveled across continents seeking relative anthropological stories that define our common humanity that seeks to rationalize or understand our tenacity to survive difficult situations. This is the truth, no matter what Man goes through, He must always find a way to survive it. This is the same way we would survive the Coronavirus. Call me a dreamer, I believe.
I take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the places that helped forged my stories, and how the world has changed.
I all my travels, one city I found spectacular was Helsinki. The food and the lights. The beautiful structures. The cold (though I hoped it was warmer. Laughs) and the people. The Finnish are culturally rich people too. There is a reason Helsinki is at the top as one of the most livable cities in the world. Finnish people are very free. Unlike the great city of New York, I observed that the Finnish people are very trusting. For example, with a few cents, one can travel to other Cities within the country. No one cares if you paid or skipped the metro train tickets. You would be allowed to board. Although once in a while, the police gather to check those who skip bill payments and arrest them.
New York is home to skyscrapers. A place where buildings compete to kiss the sun. A city where everything is fast. During my stay here, I observed that America is really a formidable place. Outside the subtle and systematic racism, it’s a nice place to work. I enjoyed all the book readings and events I attended here. In fact, this place is the replication of Lagos, Nigeria but in a more organized fashion.
Nairobi is the Tourist Center of Africa. When I was writing the final pages of Finding Gold, I left Asia and took a residency in this Country, after my work, I decided to stay back. I really appreciate its natural gifts (Culture) and Safari, then I went back to New York for my Art exhibition under – HDT FINE ART GALLERY.
You know, the world has changed and still changing, no one knows the direction and shape it would take after that. But I would try as much as i can to create my experiences as a form of literary and visual documentary for posterity, for you all reading, and for who I am.

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